Good Communications Guide




Baroness Ros Altmann
Leading Pensions Expert and Campaigner
Minister for Pensions May 2015 to July 2016


Good employers are often concerned that employees are putting off saving for their retirement or their life after work. Where employees are putting money into pensions, they need help to understand the importance of saving more than the minimum and how long-term investing can multiply their money.

Businesses and other organisations need to focus on what their objectives for their workforce pension should be, especially as life expectancy is rising. The best employers want to support their staff at all stages of life, regardless of how short or long their employment with them might be.

Collectively, within the pensions industry, we need to make putting money away for life after work easier. Providing a workplace pension should not just be a tick-box exercise to make contributions into a pension pot – it should also be about helping people understand how valuable their pension could be. Employers and providers are ideally place to take responsibility for ensuring employees and savers can make well-informed decisions.

We need to help people want to save more than just the legal minimum. This means explaining the many advantages of pensions, making pensions easier to understand and encouraging and enabling everyone to make good pensions and savings decisions.


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