About This Guide


This guide has been created by Pension Quality Mark in partnership with the creative agency Landscape and contributions from across our industry to enable you to learn from best practice, inside and outside our industry and to share ideas, knowledge and experiences.

This guide is for anyone wanting to improve pension communication and engagement. You might be a pension provider, HR professional, a pension manager, consultant, finance professional, a trustee and/or working in the pensions, financial services or financial wellbeing industries.

While the guide is comprehensive, the team producing it have worked hard to ensure that it focuses on the areas that will give each reader some insights – whether just starting out or more experienced in this field.

The nine chapters are full of insights, 'top tips', 'helpful hints', case studies, tools, templates and other resources that you can pick up and use today.

Our push to improve communications and engagement will only be successful with the your involvement, so join our LinkedIn group Good Communications Guide and share your ideas, thoughts and best practise with others. Also promoting the guide to your colleagues from across the industry will ensure that we raise standards.

With special thanks to:

Baroness Ros Altmann, Gregg McClymont, Ruston Smith, Georgina Stewart, Sir Steve Webb, Helen Ball and Lesley Williams.

About Landscape

We are engagement experts who change behaviour through the development of creative communication solutions.

Reaching people with your message is one thing. Influencing their attitudes, inspiring their loyalty and changing their behaviour is quite another. Yet that is what we do at Landscape. We create compelling communications which will engage your employees and members because they're built on a profound understanding of your pension and savings landscape.

To see how Landscape can help you improve pensions engagement, click here.

About Pension Quality Mark

Pension Quality Mark (PQM) was launched in 2009 and is the recognised standard for high quality DC pension schemes. It is designed to raise confidence in workplace pensions, helping employers demonstrate that their scheme is high quality. PQM has been given to over 230 pension schemes, and covers 1.2million active and deferred scheme members.

There are two standards, PQM and PQM Plus. Both assess a schemes Governance, Communications and Contribution levels. Under PQM, the scheme’s total contributions must equal at least 10% of an employee’s pensionable salary, with a minimum employer contribution of 6%. Under PQM PLUS, the scheme’s total contributions must equal at least 15%, with a minimum employer contribution of 10%. PQM READY was launched in February 2013 and aims to help employers identify a good master trust or contract based scheme. Retirement Quality Mark (RQM) was launched in October 2016 and helps employers and trustees to signpost members to quality drawdown products.

Further information about the Pension Quality Mark can be found by clicking here.